Indoor, Outdoor, Training, Part Board and/or Paddock Paradise

Facilities include: a 70 x 140 bright indoor arena with insulated roof  • 75 x 200 ft fenced outdoor ring • 12 (12 x 12) stalls with rubber mats • large grassy paddocks • great trails  

At FGF, we are dedicated to providing horses and riders with lots of TLC. For the horses, we offer indoor or outdoor board. We feed based on individual requirements. In the summer, horses have large grassy pastures and in winter, free choice hay and water.We have regular farrier, vaccination and worming schedules. We can schedule appointments with the professionals we use, or you are welcome to use your own. Outside coaches are also welcome. We also help horses that have special needs such as heaves, or metabolic and/or laminitic issues by offering a “paddock paradise” with slow feeding hay net stations along a track to encouraging horses to move from one meal to the next, helping to regulate weight gain.

For the rider, you will feel welcome among our congenial group of boarders and have trail buddies to ride with.we have a heated lounge area to relax in with a refrigerator microwave, and coffee machine. There is also a washroom on site. Boarding fees do not include HST

Indoor Board: $550/month - 12x12 stall with daily turnout/grain, and blanketing etc.

Outdoor Board: $350/month  - free choice hay/water, run-in shelters, compatible small groups

Part Board: from $250 per month (subject to availability)

Boarding Contract 2016.pdf

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Relaxing on the patio

Relaxing on the patio

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