About Us

Forest Gait Farm is managed and owned by Marijean and Gordon Harris. Marijean has been involved with the Paso Fino breed for over 20 years. She has been past president of the Central Canada Paso Fino 


About Us

Marijean Harris riding Andina

Marijean Harris riding Andina

Forest Gait Farm is owned and managed by Gordon and Marijean Harris. The farm is recognized as one of the top breeding farms in Canada. Forest Gait Farm's horses include USA and Canadian Champions. The farm is dedicated to breeding versatile Paso Fino horses that excelling in the show ring and/or out on the trail.

Marijean has been involved with the Paso Fino breed for 24 years. She is a member and past President of the Central Canada Paso Fino Horse Association and she is a member of the Paso Fino Horse Association of Canada and the PFHA. She has professional trainer designations from both the Associations. Marijean is dedicated to sharing her passion for the Paso Fino horse through promotion, education and instruction.




Nancy Cameron from New Brunswick: My horse vacation at Forest Gait Farm was fantastic!  The setting is picturesque and peaceful.  Marijean is a wonderful hostess, greeting me warmly upon my arrival and going the extra mile to make my stay a great experience! The loft suite is charming, bright and fresh!  The queen size bed is super-comfy!  The full bath is spacious and spotless.  The kitchenette is fully equipped for preparing and eating meals.  I especially enjoyed the scrumptious blueberry pancakes delivered to my suite for breakfast! Marijean's son, James, is an expert chef!  He also provided delicious buffet lunches! 

My main reason for coming to Forest Gait Farm was to ride the Paso Fino horses.  Although I own a Paso, I wanted to learn more and Marijean is full of knowledge and eager to help! If I lived closer, I would be signing up for weekly lessons but being from New Brunswick, I had to absorb all the information I could during my horse vacation. Rosie and Destinado helped me learn a lot in the morning lessons and afternoon trail rides that I had on each of these sweet horses!  Destinado brought tears of joy to my eyes as I first experienced the corto over the sounding boards! I was wearing the Paso Smile as we did corto and largo all around the arena!

I also enjoyed a lovely canter on Destinado during our trail ride!It was nice to meet some of the boarders, students and employees at Forest Gait too. The class of young girls seemed to be having such fun during their evening lesson! I have new knowledge to take home with me and apply to my rides on my own Paso Fino.  I hope to visit Forest Gait again, to learn more about this amazing horse breed!Thanks, Marijean, for sharing your wealth of knowledge about the Paso Fino!  Thanks, James, for the meals that were so tasty! And thanks to Rosie and Destinado for the smooth, awesome rides!

Carol Kirton from Ontario: After 10 years of retirement, I attended an Open House at Forest Gait Farm where I first met the host Marijean (Jeannie) Harris. What a momentous day that proved to be! I cried for joy as I watched demos featuring beautiful, smooth moving Paso Fino horses. I'd read about them and it was such a thrill to actually see them in action. Things got even better when I donned a borrowed helmet and boots for a sample ride. I was delighted to feel for myself the smoothness of their gaits. Opportunities to chat with enthusiastic owners was inspiring too. I began to think that a Paso Finomight be the perfect horse for a slightly creaky senior. From childhood I'd dreamed, in vain, about owning a horse. Perhaps, it was time to make the dream happen. On this quest, Jeannie became my mentor answering numerous questions, helping me select a suitable horse and giving me lots of helpful advice about the necessary equipment, horsemanship and weekly riding lessons. I am sure that I'd never have been able to realize my dream without jeannie's expert support. I am so grateful to have such a kind and creative coach. Her encouragement, positive attitude have helped immensely. Jeannie is an intuitive, thoughtful teacher who possesses just the right balance of consideration, empathy optimism, firmness and persistence required to deal with a cautious and slightly creaky senior like me. And best of all, she is my friend! 

David from Ontario: I would like to say what a great experience my wife (Jill) and I (Dave) are having at Forest Gait. We have only had 6 lessons thus far but the expert instruction from Marijean and the smoothness and calmness of the Paso Fino horses make the whole experience so enjoyable. My wife has always loved horses but has had a fear of riding but that fear has now been replaced by child-like joy as her confidence continues to build with each lesson. I personally do not think she could have have reached this level of ability, enjoyment and overall enthusiasm for the sport on any other type of horse. We are very grateful for this opportunity and would highly recommend Forest Gait and their well trained Paso Fino horses to anyone considering getting into riding.

From Jenny: Jeannie had been instrumental in assisting me to learn proper gait and collection. I learn something new every time I ride under her instruction and support. My relationship with my horse has taken leaps and bounds and I continue to learn every day. 

From Shannon: Marijean has taught me so much about Gaited horses.  She has helped my young Paso Fino horse improve the consistency of her gait.  Due to her Marijean's years of experience, she has many tools and tips for every different horse.  She has helped me to recognize when my horse is gaiting properly and that has made such a big difference in my confidence.  Marijean is sensitive to the horse's needs and creates a positive learning environment for the horse and rider.